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Ever since I can remember, I've created some form of art. It's in my DNA. I've always had a visual eye and love creating and coming up with ideas. 

Since 2013, I've been making collages using torn magazine swatches of color as my palette. Why use magazines? I had plenty of them, and it probably stems from the time when I worked as a junior art director at my first advertising job. I would rip and scan magazines to create new print ad concepts (what we called "scrap art"), and then refine those concepts for my clients (it was a time pre-online stock photo resources & AI).


Collaging has morphed into a passion of mine. It's always a surprise how each collage turns out.

Contact me today if you have a photo that you would like me to turn into an original piece of art!


Alex Wetmore: Collage Artist


I usually work from photos that I've taken on my travels. Sometimes I work from my imagination. First, I sketch out in pencil an outline for the collage. After that, I start hand-tearing swatches of color from magazines. I tear each piece by hand so I don't use scissors or an exacto knife to create letters or small details. People ask me if I have bins of certain colors that I pull from. Not really...I like combing through magazines and finding ideas (and even articles I may have missed). Then, I paint on the pieces with Modge Podge and a sponge brush, and finally spray the collage with a protective acrylic coating.

It's an "upcycling" process from start to finish, as I source and reuse frames for each finished piece.




Plan, Sketch & Tear


Design & Paste


Finish & Frame

Collage of three Adirondeck Chairs along the beach

artist's statement

"I paint using torn swatches of color from magazines as my palette. I create contemporary collages with this technique, and develop impressionistic landscapes, still life, animals and people compositions that strive to delight and inspire."

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