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Collage Winner & February Show!

Hello Friends,


It's February 1 and it's time to announce the winner of my small collage giveaway...drumroll please...congratulations, Dina Hodara!

Dina is the new owner of "Abstract Beach" (pictured above). I used an online random name generator to pick one name out of over a hundred entries.


Thanks to everyone who signed up and became new email subscribers...there will be another giveaway in April.


Apparently, yesterday was international #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay. I was thinking back to a time (in my adult life) when my heart was really inspired to create art. It was collaging with my kids when they were young. That was the inspiration that led me to my niche of creating collages using magazine swatches as my palette. It was a way to have family time and engage with my twins back when they had short attention spans. (Actually, they still have short attention spans as they are now juniors in high school and consumed by their phones). "Summer Sisters" (pictured below) is one of my favorite collages created from a photo of them running on the beach. It's on the wall in my studio and serves as daily inspiration.

"Summer Sister" Original Collage: NFS

Above: Early days of collaging with my daughter


I'm thrilled to announce that "Lone Egret" was juried into West Hartford Art

League's "Cut and Paste" Collage Show running from February 15 through March 3 at the Clubhouse Gallery in West Hartford, CT. My thanks goes out to juror Jenni Friedman (and special thanks goes out to Anne C. for alerting me to enter this show).

I officially open up my commission season again in March. Feel free to get in touch with me in the meantime, as I love hearing from you all.

Stay warm and thanks for being here!


  All best,

- Alex


Be sure to follow @alexwetmoreart  on Instagram for more of my art happenings!

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